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From: K Andrews
Subject: Exploring My Father, Part 2Exploring My Father, copyright 2002 kastorywriter
Email me at kastorywriterhotmail.comAll the usual disclaimers apply.Exploring My Father, Part 2I wanted to stand there and stare at his crotch forever, but I knew he'd
move eventually and catch me staring at his manhood. So I walked into the
room and jumped on the bed next to him.We sat and talked for a few minutes about school, and then he got up to get
dressed. He took off his robe and tossed it aside, and stood next where I
was sitting. He put one foot up on the bed and examined what he thought
might be a broken toenail. While he was concentrating on his foot, I just
stared again at the beautiful organs hanging between his legs. The warm
shower must have really loosened his balls because they hung so low, each
nut pushing heavily against the loose skin of the sac. From where he was
standing I thought I could detect a faint musky smell from his body, and I
wondered what it would feel like and smell like if I buried my nose in the
loose skin of his sac. I imagined him standing in front of me while I nosed
his sac and felt the thick nuts rolling over my nose and my face, falling
against my lips, feeling so heavy and full against my eyelids. I thought
about what the soft hair on his sac would feel like brushing against the
delicate skin of my face---probably like velvet or silk, giving me goose
bumps as it tickled the tip of my nose. His nuts looked so big and manly,
especially when compared with my own nuts that were barely visible in the
silky folds of my own scrotum. I wanted so much to be like him, lolita boys gay models and I
wondered if my friends felt the same way about their fathers.Dad took his foot off the bed and stood up straight, putting his hands
behind his head and stretching his back by twisting from side to side. This
gave me a perfect view of the full length of his hairy body, his armpits and
bush forming a perfect triangle of thick, dark hair. I'd always dreamed of
having body hair like dad's, so thick and soft. His body hair lay flat and
smooth on his torso; the only course, wiry hair was in his bush. I touched
the hair on his chest every chance I could get, luxuriating in the softness
of it all. I remembered the summer before, lying with dad on the sofa
watching TV, both of us wearing just shorts, with dad's soft body fur
against my back. Sometimes I'd turn around and innocently play with it,
feeling its silkiness between my fingers, running my small hands over his
slightly rounded pecs, feeling his wide, round nipples. I loved to run my
finger up and down the thick trail of fur in the center, from the middle of
his chest down to the waistband on his shorts. Sometimes he'd laugh and ask
what I was doing, and sometimes he'd just sit and watch TV while I played
with the fur on his body. I loved the intimacy I felt enjoying his body like
that, the times we shared, and the electricity between my fingertips and his
warm skin and soft fur.Dad continued slowly stretching back and forth, his cock and balls swinging
out away from his body with each twist. Occasionally I'd catch a quick
glimpse of his wide piss slit as the tip of his cock swung into view, and
other times I just watched the fullness lolita boys gay models of his ballsac swinging from side to
side and imagined the weight of those nuts and how heavy they'd feel in my
hands. After a minute or so of twisting back and forth, he turned around and
bent over his gym bag, rummaging around inside for something or other. In
this position I got a full view of his hairy ass crack and the small round
pucker of his asshole. At first I turned away, feeling that this really was
too intimate a very young lolitas tgp display. But then I turned to look again and preteen lolita marveled at the
sight of his two ripe nuts hanging so low below his tight hole that I could
now see was ringed with what looked like a fine, soft hair. I wondered how
he'd react if I ran a fingernail along the jagged line that ran from his
tight hole to the spot where his nutsac hung from his body, but that idea
was just too naughty, so I pushed it from my mind and just stared and
enjoyed the view.He pulled a pair of white cotton briefs from the bag and quickly unfolded
them and bent to step into them. With his back still to preteen lolita me, he pulled up the
briefs, and snapped the waistband. He then he pulled the front of the
waistband away from he body and reached down into his briefs to adjust his
cock and balls. He seemed to grab and them pull them up from between his
legs and let them settle in the soft cup of the cotton pouch on the front of
the briefs. While he had his hand down the front of his briefs, the back of
the briefs pulled tight against his ass and made it seem fuller and rounder
than usual, and I could see the dark crack through the thin white cotton.He finished adjusting the briefs and then turned to face me and I saw the
most magnificent sight. His nuts weighed heavily on the front of the briefs,
pulling down the front waistband so I could almost see where his trail ran
into the top of his thick bush. His nuts strained against the fabric, the
weight and heft of them bulging massively in the pouch. I could see the full
length of his shaft curving over the top of his nutsac, and I could clearly
make out the entire width of the head of his cock, the thin fabric stretched
tight against the wide ridge on his glans, so that I could almost see the
texture and soft pink color of his cockhead.He looked at me looking at his cock and said, "Kinda tight on me, huh
kiddo?" With that he barked a hearty laugh and tackled me and wrestled me on
the bed. We rolled from side to side and if I positioned my arms and hands
just right I could feel the full weight of his organs pressing against my
skin. I was lost in that feeling of my father's manhood against my young
flesh, and as we wrestled and I could begin to feel his nuts roll and
separate against the back of my hand and the flared ridge of his cockhead
scraping against my open palm.I sprouted the stiffest hardon I think I'd ever had. I was sure he must feel
it poking through my jeans as we wrestled, but he didn't say anything,
instead concentrating on tickling me and pinning me to the bed. I ended up
on my back, with my father straddling my small, thin frame, with the full
weight of his cotton-bound manhood lolita boys gay models lying on my bare stomach, my shirttails
having been pulled up to my chest. My hardon was pressed up against the soft
skin behind his nuts, and I was embarrassed because I knew he must have felt
it even through it was boyish and tiny and buried under a layer of thick
denim. We sat in that position panting and catching our breaths. I could
feel the tension in my groin growing, and I yearned to be able to reach down
and squeeze my ls studios lolita girls
cock to give myself some relief.But I didn't want it to end because this was something I'd never forget. For
the first time I touched my father's cock and balls, and I'd felt those
beautiful organs against my small hand, even if they were covered by a thin
layer of cotton. I knew right then and there that I'd have to come up with a
plan to touch them directly, to feel the softness and fullness of his
masculinity with my own fingertips.I'd just have to think of a way...
[Thanks for all the emails. I'm always happy to hear from a satisfied
customer. Check back---there's more to come.]
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